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School Lunches

Senor Froggy Restaurant and Spa-ghet-ti: the Pasta Place are proud to offer our School Lunch program.  We currently serve over 20 schools in Kamloops with nutritious, affordable meals that the students love to get.  As with our Senor Froggy Items, many of our Spa-ghet-ti: the Pasta Place items fit the “Choose Most” criteria in the Healthy Schools program, yet are prepared in the same way as our regular menu items.  This means that the same item that the children are familiar with and order in the restaurants is served in your school, ensuring that not only is the food healthy and nutritious, they are going to buy and like it.

Our service includes delivery to your school, and separating each class according to your order, so that lunch day is a breeze.  All you have to do is have a child from each class come down to the office and pick up the order for that class, and everything is divided, marked and ready to go.  No need for volunteers to separate the orders by class. 

Below, you will find nutritional information for the most popular items on our school lunch program.  Please contact us for pricing and delivery information. If there is something different you would like to see, we are happy to work with schools and PAC’s to make a menu that works. 

If you are serving any school lunches, either from a school canteen or cafeteria, or as part of a pre-ordered special lunch day, I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you regarding what Senor Froggy Restaurants and Spa-ghet-ti: the Pasta Place could do for you.  Please contact me by E-mail at , or by phone at 250-374-8282. 

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