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At Señor Froggy, our philosophy is to set ourselves apart by serving only fresh food, with no chemicals and no additives made fresh every day from the best ingredients. We can't compete with the big chains in advertising, fancy toys or cuddly (or creapy) clowns, but we can actually cook, instead of getting everything delivered processed, formed, sanitized and pre-cooked! It's not easier, but we think it is better.

We carefully prepare all of our Salsas, Hot Sauce, Meats, Beans and countless other ingredients every day from fresh, raw ingredients without the need for preservatives, additives or fillers. Frankly, if we don't make it from scratch, we see no point in selling it. We do have to admit that we don't make Mexican Fries, but heck, nobody's perfect and they're delicious! As soon as we find a way to make them in-store, we'll make those too.

We import only preservative-free tortillas from Fresca Tortillas, real Cheddar Cheese from Scardillo Dairy in Burnaby, fresh, unfrozen ground beef from Chilliwack Meats, fresh produce from Nu-Leaf Market, and Dairy products from Blackwell Dairy. We are passionate about food and only like to cook with the best ingredients. We certainly hope you can taste that passion in every meal we cook. Buen Provecho - Enjoy your Meal!

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Our Famous Salsa Bar

Sorry, Due to Covid 19, our Salsa Bars are not available right now, but don't worry, we have all of your favorite salsas available pre-packed for you.

Salsa is the heart of Mexican Food. Fresh, zesty and packed with flavour, great salsas are what make Tacos, Burritos and Enchiladas all they can be. And the best part is that they don’t add fat or a lot of calories like ketchup or mayonaise or most sauces and toppings. Punch up the flavour with absolutely zero guilt!

At Senor Froggy, every single one of our Salsa’s are made fresh in-store every day from fabulous fresh ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, onions, chillies, cilantro and garlic and laid out for you in our complimentary Salsa Bar. With six different salsas, you top your meal the way you want it - from mild to wild, we’ve got a salsa for you!

And don’t even think of forgetting our World-Famous homemade Señor Froggy Hot-Sauce. Have some on your meal while your here and then take some home from our Deli Menu - it’s perfect for almost everything! In fact, all our Salsas are available to take home from our Deli Menu, along with Tortillas, Fresh Nacho Chips and other great stuff for making Mexican at home.

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